App review: Flipboard


I’ve never really caught on the need for rss feed readers but I was curious about Flipboard after reading about it on Gizmodo.

What it is: an app that collects popular articles/news/webpages on the web and neatly (and beautifully) presents them all in a single app on your iPad, it can even include your Facebook and Twitter feeds
Cost: free!
Interface: beautiful flip animations when transitioning between news articles, clean layout of different items
Portability across different devices: great! Because you can create a flipboard account and use this account on different devices, you can access your customized feeds on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Drawbacks: I can’t think of any actually… Except maybe the Facebook and twitter feeds are not necessarily useful for me as I already have these apps installed
Would I recommend it to you? A big fat yes!