Week 23

This week our baby girl is making her presence known most of the time… by kicking mommy! I’ve felt the first kick on Sep 17 but being my gassy pregnant self, I couldn’t figure out if it was or baby or… well gas. 🙂

But this week, our little pangga has become more and more active, especially when I am still, sitting, or worse, when I’m sleeping! It’s definitely a weird feeling, but I love every move she makes (yes even if she wakes me up or if I’m fidgeting during a meeting). I’m doubly happy that her daddy have also felt her move for the first time 2 days ago! WE JUST CAN’T WAIT TO MEET HER! Agh… 🙂

I’ve been hoping to jot down my thoughts as I go on this baby making journey… so to wrap up this week:

  1. My belly is really beginning to show (well probably for a few weeks now but I’m just in denial, haha)… so I’ve resigned myself to adjusting my wardrobe and choose baby bump friendly clothes. My fave ones are leggings, I have a pair of nice maternity jeans (the ones with an elastic belly band that reaches below your boobs), but leggings are just more comfy. I look like Winnie the Pooh in all my usual shirts because they’re too short now, so off I went shopping for a cheap (coz I know I won’t be wearing it after baby’s out) long-ish shirt. The only thing suitable I found was a shirt that says Yummy Mummy… 😛
  2. I can’t stand being on my feet for long walks or shopping trips. I’m just pooped, man. My tummy and my lower back begins to hurt, I always have to pee, and of course, Mama’s gotta eat. I just don’t have the stamina for it and gosh I’m only on my almost-6th month! I wonder what it’s going to be like during months 8 and 9.
  3. The Belly Belt – I had high hopes for my belly belt. Basically what it is is that it allows you to use your old pants and shorts by using an extender. So far I’m only on the second shortest extension, but one thing I noticed is that there’s an obvious bump underneath my shirt caused by the zipper not zipping up completely. My tummy also tends to peep out under shirts hence entry #1. I was able to use my skinny jeans again though, and my denim shorts! Just really need those long shirts.
  4. Baby brain – had several “duh” moments this week. First, I left my wallet at work. Second, I accidentally threw away our beeeyutiful vegetable peeler (which I tried looking for a replacement today but it doesnt look like they sell it anymore, makes me wish I didn’t throw it out with all the carrot peels). Third, my disastrous attempt at leche flan (well it’s still cooking but I have a bad feeling about it). Between the caramel and number of eggs to the type of milk (evap, fresh milk), to almost burning myself forcing the pan to fit in the pot. *sigh*
  5. Disposables or Reusables? Been researching the heck out of the internet trying to figure out if it’s best for us to go down the re-usables path. Obviously it’s going to be so much better for the environment but just wondering if baby’s going to be OK with reusable diapers, if we’re going to have issues with leaks, and how well are we going to take poop cleaning and constant washing and stuff…. Hmnn… decisions decisions…

Anyhoo, looking forward to the immediate future, especially since my birthday is coming up!!! 🙂


To my dearest bubba


My dearest bubba,

In an hour daddy and I will get to see you again, and find out if you’re a boy or a girl! We are both very excited and can’t wait to tell your lolo, lola, and titas. I hope you will be good and cooperate by getting in position, no sleeping and hiding today okay!

It’s been a relatively easy pregnancy so far though you are getting heavier and want to eat more. I think you are quite cosy in mommy’s tummy though I think sometimes you’re starting to move and stretch your legs. With four more months to go, I hope we will both stay healthy and you stay in there until you’re well and ready to come out. 😊 But not too much sweets okay? Remember, pangga, our motto is “sexy baby, you’re a sexy baby!”

okay gtg now, daddy is busy eating his lunch next to me and I need to get ready for our ultrasound. Love you bubs, see you later! Just remember, we love you regardless if you’re a boy or a girl! 👫👶💏

/ mommy

Edit: you’re a girl!!! 👸💗

Contemplating Project Life

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Cathy Zielske. From the moment I’ve seen Simple Scrapbooks magazine and her book, I said to myself “Now THAT’s the way I want to scrapbook”. Clean, simple, easy!

So while my scrapbooking has not been very active lately, I contented myself with reading Cathy’s blog (dreaming that I’m doing what she’s doing). Her weight loss journey (WW), and love for her iPhone and photography (Instagram, SLRs) is so similar to mine! She has inspired me to do more: write on my blog, be a better swimmer, and take more photos, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to sustain it (like some of the other projects that I’ve started).

So enter Project Life. Cathy’s on her 6th week and I LOVE her layouts! It seems like a big task, but I like the fact that it’s actually a compilation of little things over time. Unfortunately, the dilemma of having hard copies of everything means printing (which is expensive in New Zealand), and the cost of the actual kit (unfortunately also expensive in NZ), is making me think twice about starting the project.

I’m going to test myself first, and compile a weekly collection of tidbits from week to week. Like screen caps of my fave FB updates from the week:

If I reach the 6th week, still doing this, I might just be able to convince the hubby to buy me the kit! Yey! Not sure yet if I’ll post them on here, or just keep them stored in the Dropbox until I decide what to do with them…

*Deep breath*

Week one, here goes nothing…

It’s a boy! Meet Marcus, my first Sylvanian Family member

I hate to admit it, but I might have an addictive personality. Either that, or I am pre-disposed to be a hoarder.

It all started in Grade 2, when I started collecting Sanrio stuff. Mostly stationery, stickers, and anything Hello Kitty. My best friend and I would trade and accumulate, until our collections were quite impressive (for a 2nd grader anyway). Then it was comic books, computer games, anything Roxy, and most recently, scrapbooking stuff!

My Sanrio trading best friend got in touch with me recently, asking me to look for Sylvanian Families stuff, and I was like, “what’s that?”. After a quick Google search, and uhmn, several days of serial SF ogling online, uhmn… I can tell you that THEY ARE THE CUTEST THINGS!!! Uh-oh…

Dragging my hubby to the local toystore, here’s the little fella we took home with us!

The little guy came with a small and simple crib, so I thought I’d make a mattress, a pillow, and a blanket! Off to the craft store I went and bought scraps for 50cents each.

My sewing skills are not the best. They’re what I learned from Home Economics in high school, but it will have to do for now…

Rolled up a length of cotton fabric for the mattress and fitted it for the crib.

I hand stitched the edging and pulled the whole thing inside out. Basically did the same thing for the pillow and blanket! The blanket however I had two layers of green chiffon, lined them against a square piece of cotton, stitched the edging then turned it inside out. Heehee so cute!

Ta-da! Marcus can now sleep comfortably in his little crib…

App review: Flipboard


I’ve never really caught on the need for rss feed readers but I was curious about Flipboard after reading about it on Gizmodo.

What it is: an app that collects popular articles/news/webpages on the web and neatly (and beautifully) presents them all in a single app on your iPad, it can even include your Facebook and Twitter feeds
Cost: free!
Interface: beautiful flip animations when transitioning between news articles, clean layout of different items
Portability across different devices: great! Because you can create a flipboard account and use this account on different devices, you can access your customized feeds on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Drawbacks: I can’t think of any actually… Except maybe the Facebook and twitter feeds are not necessarily useful for me as I already have these apps installed
Would I recommend it to you? A big fat yes!

2011: what a year!

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here so I thought I’d cheat and do a quick recap of (perhaps) the most amazing year for B and I.

Here’s a list of the significant dates for us this 2011:

  1. January 1
    B had a great birthday, a significant age milestone!
  2. January 6
    Received the email from New Zealand immigration, our NZ Residence visas, which we have been waiting 3 years for, have finally been approved!
  3. February 5
    Papa turned 70, had an amazing birthday party with the family complete! We also received great news that we have a new nephew on the way.
  4. March 19
    B and I flew to India for the first time. Beautiful country, amazing food, great people!
  5. April 9
    The big move to New Zealand. It was an emotionally charged day, and I cried like a baby on the plane. Sad to leave my family behind, but so excited about our future in NZ. Wow what a day!
  6. April 10
    Arrived in Auckland and had a first glimpse of our new country, beautiful!
  7. April 11
    Touched down at our final destination, New Plymouth. Our mouths dropped when we saw how beautiful the place was. Though it felt like we were in limbo for a few days, loved the place but we were living out of a low-cost hotel room, which I hated.
  8. April 15
    Moved in to our new apartment. Finally I was happy! We were sooo so lucky to get this place and we can finally say we are finally home!
  9. April 18
    First day on the new job. NZ is a great place to work, I love my Kiwi officemates.
  10. May 28
    The start of our weight loss journey, attended my first Weightwatchers meeting with a starting weight of 78.3kilos or 172 pounds, 6 months later.. we ended up losing 10kilos or 22 lbs each 🙂
  11. October 3
    I turned 33 this year!
  12. November 11
    One of the best days of our lives, we got married surrounded by family and friends! It was absolutely the most perfect and beautiful day.
  13. December 19
    Honeymoon in Fiji, 9 days of pure bliss with the love of my life 🙂

What can I say? We’re having the time of our lives! We feel so incredibly happy and blessed for this wonderful year!


Getting ready to head out…


Wow, three days later and it’s time to go home!

All bags packed and ready to go, check!

Gps destinations listed and programmed, check!

Last minute photos at the hotel, check!

Have a bit of shopping to do before we go back to New Plymouth, let the card swiping begin!!!