NBA Finals 2010: Halftime thoughts from a seasonal fan

Every time I watch the NBA, it’s mostly only during the Finals. In the heyday of the Bulls with Jordan, Poopsie used to watch the games live in our living room in Iloilo, turning up the volume of the TV really high. Daw fiesta!

Since B is a big fan, I started to watch again this time rooting for the Lakers. I mean they’re almost the underdogs because Kobe gets a lot of flack for being hambog or too cocky. Well nobody can really deny he’s SUPER good, he’s like a basketball demigod! I don’t think he’s not a team player, in Game 5 for example he was carrying the whole team with 38 pts and the rest of his mates only got 9 pts max. Anyhoo, I’m just a seasonal fan what do I know right? Hehe.

Unfortunately, Kobe’s game is a bit off in Game 7 during the first half. I’m just praying praying he turns on his awesomeness to win this thang! Go Kobeeeee!

Update: Well, my man Kobe made up for the shooting deficit with 15 REBOUNDS! There’s no denying it, he really really wanted the ring, and he GOT IT! Wooootttt! Enjoyed watching the Finals, from Game 3 to 7. GO Lakers! Next year again for the 3-peat!


The Great Raid (2005)

Bede and I just watched this war film and I was kind of surprised how this film was overlooked, never mind the critics, but by the Pinoys themselves.

The story was about how a group of US Army soldiers led by Benjamin Bratt and James Franco, together with a group of Filipino guerillas led by Cesar Montano, rescued 511 American POWs from a Japanese camp in Cabanatuan.

I guess I’m surprised the film was overlooked, not because it was an elaborate award-winning production, but how the Filipinos seem to easily forget our own country’s history. I mean looking at the guerillas I was so proud of them, thinking that any one of the Filipino fighters could have been my lolo, or your lolo. Cesar Montano also did a GREAT job, holding his own in scenes with the American actors. Shempre pogi at pinoy na pinoy ang beauty. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really glad that this movie was made, even if the critics hated it, and it probably bombed in the box office. But as a Filipino, with a lot of war veteran lolos, I got a glimpse of what their life could have been like, ย fighting the Japanese in their tsinelas or even barefoot, alongside (maybe even in the frontline of?) the American soldiers. The Filipino veterans truly truly deserve to be rewarded for what they have done to save our small country.

You know at the end of the film, there was the usual what-happened-after text on screen. And it said that during the raid, 2 American soldiers lost their lives, and 21, that’s twenty-one, Filipino guerillas died.

Lolo Juaning Tejada – my grand uncle, Bataan death march survivor

Lolo Celin Tejada – my grandfather, who according to my mom, acted as an interpreter for a Captain Puckett stationed in Iloilo

Lolo Cesar Singson – my grand uncle who just celebrated his 88th(?) birthday, used to tell my father stories about fighting the Japanese, firing a rifle with his eyes closed ๐Ÿ™‚

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga vs True Blood

Jamie lent me her Twilight series to read and I just finished the third book New Moon. It was kind of a difficult read for me, going through the tweeny romantic stuff between Bella and Edward and Jacob. I must admit though it’s a bit entertaining and I’m looking forward to reading the 4th book.

Related to that, isn’t it funny how similar the HBO series, True Blood (our new TV fave) is to the Twilight story?

  1. Twilight’s main female character Bella – True Blood lead male role is Belle
  2. The female lead is human with strange mind powers. Bella can’t be mind read or tortured, Suki can read minds
  3. Mind reading! Suki and Edward
  4. Werewolves! Jacob Black and I think it’s Suki’s boss. He acts wolfy. Hehhe..
  5. A vampire trying to be good.

OK, maybe there’s not a whole lot of difference coz I still like True Blood better. ๐Ÿ™‚ But hey, I encourage you to get a copy of the Twilight saga, and watch True Blood and see for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mwah!