Review: Baja Mexican Cantina @ GreenBelt 3 Makati

Bede and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight and before the show, we decided to have dinner at this new resto we spotted at the 3rd floor of GreenBelt 3. The place is called The Baja Mexican Cantina (finally got the name right) and they had a “soft opening” over the weekend I suppose. Being a mexican food fan I convinced Mr. B we’ll be spending our hard earned pesos there tonight. Here’s my attempt at reviewing our dining experience, based on my tastebud’s Mexican food resume: Chipotle’s, my brother’s Mexican neighbour’s party food, and a number of “authentic” Mexican restaurants.

Sorry I didn’t take any photos of the food so I’ll try to be as descriptive as I can.

The staff was super friendly, especially this guy in a Mexican hat who led us to our seats, greeted, and smiled at us every time he passed by. You can feel that everybody working there was excited about the new restaurant and you really got a sense of their wanting to please the customers the best they can. But hey, it’s a restaurant and nothing pleases a hungry customer more than good food right?

I went safe and ordered the Baja Grilled Chicken Burrito, which was priced at about P185, and Bede ordered the Margarita Chicken with rice (of course) which cost P285. With the restaurant half full, we didn’t wait to long for our food to arrive, about 10 minutes.

Here’s a quick review of the food:

Baja Grilled Chicken Burrito

  • wrapped in wax paper it was a substantial size, about the size of a California burrito at Mexicali.
  • the first thing I noticed was that the burrito was COLD in some places? I had to temp test it because I didn’t know if it was meant to be cold or they just forgot to heat it?
  • the taste was OK. I liked how the grilled chicken was cooked, BUT… there was no rice in it only lettuce and tomatoes, no sour cream or garlic sauce, no chips on the side.
  • the one thing I really really didn’t like… mayonnaise in the burrito (*gasp!*)

Margarita Chicken

  • this one is better than the burrito in my opinion, the grilled chicken was great and I liked the salsa on top
  • the first thing I said when Bede gave me a spoonful was “Hmnn, lasang kili-kili sarap!” don’t get me wrong, that’s how I identify the cumin/curry taste we usually season our fried fish with, I mean that totally in a good way 🙂
  • Bede kept pouring my burrito salsa on his plate though because he felt it was kind of lacking the spiciness he was looking for.

Some thoughts about the restaurant:

  • Friendly staff
  • So-so interior decoration
  • Kind of picky but the spoon and fork I got was kind of smudgy and had bits of leftover food, I had to ask for a replacement set
  • Above average price, but not as expensive as the other GB3 restaurants so I think they should be able to attract more of the B and C customers

Considering all the factors, I would give them a satisfaction rating of 2 out of 5. Though I guess I should cut them some slack since it WAS a soft opening and they probably haven’t ironed everything out yet, and we didn’t feel so bad about spending 600 pesos for our meal. I still think Mexicali is much better in terms of price, taste, and overall customer satisfaction (the customer being Gena :)).

Here’s what Mexican food should look like (Fajitas from Chevy’s, Bloomington IL):

Chevy's Fajitas