Getting back in the swing of things

I used to play badminton like crazy. Started in about 2003 and magically lost weight without my knowing it. I also met a ton of great people I can call friends for the rest of my life. But I would say the most life changing, was meeting B at one of the games. Who knew playing badminton would lead me to find my soul mate?

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Blog Therapy – Warning: Soppy entry below

I am miserable today. Miserable miserable misery. The only thing that keeps me sane is writing down my thoughts. It’s like exorcising the turmoil inside of me through pen and ink, or digitized photons and keyboard, whatever tickles your fancy.

The reason I’m miserable is that my boyfriend left me. Well, not for good, but only for a few days to visit his family. Ha ha. Sheesh I know how that sounds believe me, I can’t help it though. We’re crazy in love and being apart is like taking a whole chunk out of each other. Oh gawd the self pity, cliche, lovesick misery is killing me, and I’m sure it’s killing you right now too. Ha ha. That’s what you get for coming here, please come back though this is only a temporary phase. 🙂

Here’s what I recommend if you are in my situation:

  1. Write him a soppy blog entry and tell him how you feel. Ha ha. The thing with Bede is that we’re  surgically attached at the hip so one blog entry is definitely not enough. I want to tell him EVERYTHING that’s happening to me. Even the mundane dream that I have about me and my sister roller skating in body tight outfits knocking each other down, but that’s a totally different therapy session.
  2. Write him a letter every time you miss him. I already wrote two and he only left 12 hours ago! So to prepare myself, I took out all my scrapbook papers and my Sharpie colored pens, and a big roll of Sanicare toilet paper (I ran out of perfumed Kleenex). There should be a short slobbery novel when he gets back.
  3. Cook your favorite food. OK so I tried making my ultimate fave, baked ziti! It ended quite badly though, let me just say, dumping a whole lot of flour in butter will NOT make white sauce, I’d call it white clay if I haven’t poured a whole lot of milk to make it, white.. watery substance. Bede come back soon or else I will die from food poisoning.
  4. Listen to Guns n Roses. OK do this but skip the songs Don’t Cry (coz it will make you cry) November Rain (coz it’s November and I want to cry) Patience (“shed a tear coz I’m missing you”), which will pretty much leave you with Civil War, Knockin on Heaven’s Door, Welcome to the Jungle, and Yesterdays, which will probably leave you more depressed, opressed, and… very angry at the world. Damn you world! Listen to Eheads na lang, they’re like music comfort food. 🙂

E.T. Heart

E.T. Heart

I’m miserable. I miss my best friend, my labs, my protector, my comedian, my artist, my poet, my downloader of torrents, my chatmate, my DOTA partner and teacher, my personal photographer, my personal chef, my bebeh, my soulmate.

Takit na mata kuu…

Edit: Bede is back from his trip! Reunited and it feeels so gooood! Haha.. OK sorry for subjecting you guys to the soppiness of the entire situation. It’s great to feel whole again, yehey! 🙂 Thanks to my brave friends who read this entry. 🙂

Muni Muni…

Actually I didn’t always know that muni muni means inum inum backwards, I thought it meant… thinking! Hahaha…

Honestly, I have so many random thoughts it’s hard to organize them in my head. I have so many plans for the future: both short term and long term, and they sometimes feel achievable, sometimes not. I hate this feeling of being floating wherever the breeze takes me. Hayy life isn’t so easy peasy all the time.

One thing is for sure, I’m so happy that there’s somebody I can go through all this with me, somebody who can help me sort out whatever muni muni that’s going on in this confused brain of mine.

What’s the deal between ABS and GMA?

I mean c’mon people, aren’t you sick of all the hullabaloo on TV? Frankly, I’m very disappointed with the state of free press in our country. People are free to speak what they want but that right comes with a great responsibility, don’t they realize that young kids watching their fantasy shows see their ‘spat’ on TV?

Anyhoo, I’m practicing my right to free speech and I’d like to say that it’s sad how biased ABS’ news reporting has become. Their news ‘angles’ are now so obviously tainted with political affiliations that I’m kinda wondering why they are still thinking that people are not noticing. Compare that with GMA news who, until now, really is showing what unbiased reporting means. Yeah, well it just means one thing I guess, that ABS has sold out.

* rant over *