Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary

Before our India trip, we visited Bede’s family in Bohol, then got a chance to stop by Panglao Island. Just want to share some of my favorite photos from our trip to the Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary.

* taken with a Pentax Optio W80 waterproof camera

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From exotic Bangalore to beautiful Boracay in seven days

Bede and I both love to travel. We have visited the different islands of the Philippines, but haven’t had the chance to go out of the country together.

The opportunity to visit Bangalore was unexpected and sudden. Even with a hectic schedule, Bede and I decided to visit India for the first time, and it was worth it!

Is it corny to say that having your loved one with you, makes the experience much much better? 🙂 Excuse the photos if you see a whole lot of giddy Genas! More after the jump…

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Happy Father’s Day!

It’s father’s day today and I want to dedicate this post to my Poopsie dearest. Happy Father’s day PAPA! I love you so much, you know that right? I will always value what you have taught me about everything. Much of who I am is because of how you and Mama raised me so thank you for that. I hope to pass on the gift of being “bata ni rene” to my own children someday, growing up believing in yourself and that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I always get a little weepy when I think about Poopsie, I don’t know why. Although it may seem like we have our misunderstandings I do love him immensely and I’m always thankful of how lucky we are to have him as a father. Papa taught me how to ride a bike (“dire diretso lang”), drive a car (“hinay hinay lang!”), shoot an airgun (“steady lang”), take photos (“d ka mag hulag/ginhawa”), be sociable (“migu-miguha lang ah”), and believe in myself (“bata ka ni Rene!”). We were a little bit spoiled, but not so much. We were disciplined properly, and not hurt physically. We were not super rich, but Papa provided what we needed and what we wanted. Papa is a cool guy and a good person, I am proud to be his daughter.

They say that having bad parents will make you a good parent when you have kids. That worries me because I have awesome parents! Poops,  I will do everything in my power to be the best mother to my kids someday, that will be my gift to you.

In search of the perfect underwater camera: Part 1 – Snapsights SS01

I am a water baby. Always have, always will be! My brother Rich used to take my sister and I swimming a LOT, until we were dark little kiddies in bright red and white striped swimsuits.

My Poopsie has also instilled a deep love for photography in me, when we started playing with his 1970s Nikon F2. We went through a lot of film to get things right, especially since the camera had no light meter and we were just using a 50mm lens (NOT a big disadvantage at all).

Shooting the shooter. Played around with Papa's almost antique Nikon F2.

Well it’s no surprise that technology now allows me to combine two of my great loves, water and photography! No longer I have to buy disposable waterproof film cameras from Kodak, now we have cheap digital cameras and underwater casings galooore! I’m just OBSESSED with finding the right camera to fit my needs.

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Getting over the Post-Holiday-Blues

I had a great holiday vacation. We spent about 2 weeks in my hometown Iloilo and bonded with my family. It was also wonderful not to think about work for 2 straight weeks and just focused on having fun and relaxing. We were even able to go to a marine island reserve that was just SO pure and wonderful!

But all good things must come to an end. I had to go back to work, the same day I got back to Manila. Back to the 9pm t 6am night shift. UGH, it was just depressing. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love my job but it was just so difficult trying to focus on work after all the hulaballoo this Christmas, New Year’s, Bede bday, and my parent’s 40th anniv.

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