Getting over the Post-Holiday-Blues

I had a great holiday vacation. We spent about 2 weeks in my hometown Iloilo and bonded with my family. It was also wonderful not to think about work for 2 straight weeks and just focused on having fun and relaxing. We were even able to go to a marine island reserve that was just SO pure and wonderful!

But all good things must come to an end. I had to go back to work, the same day I got back to Manila. Back to the 9pm t 6am night shift. UGH, it was just depressing. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love my job but it was just so difficult trying to focus on work after all the hulaballoo this Christmas, New Year’s, Bede bday, and my parent’s 40th anniv.

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Getting off the couch (again) and hoping to run that 5k in a few months

So Mr B and I decided to redirect our badminton budget on a gym membership where we can actually do exercise (less fun than badminton) at the weird hours we are ready to work out, like 6-9am or 7-8pm.

I decided to re-do the Couch to 5K program, which literally takes couch potatoes like me from zero physical activity to running a 5k in 9 weeks. The first time I did the program I was in the US and though I was able to complete the whole 9 weeks, I was SO disappointed in my first super slow 5k race which I finished in (I’m so embarassed) 46 minutes and 49 seconds.

This time I am SO motivated to do better, armed with my iPod Touch and my ever loving BSS (Bede Support System). My goal this time is to shave off the 6 minutes 49 seconds, and go for a 40 minute 5K. On the treadmill that should be around 7.5kph for 40 minutes? Hmnn have to bookmark this blog entry so I won’t forget my target goal, I don’t want to sissy out of the whole thing mid-way. In the words of Boys over Flower’s Geum Jan Di: Aja aja! Fighting!

Oh! And I also have another secret weapon. My super beloved cute and loving father bought me a Nike + sensor (*toot toot*). Anyway, the sensor is designed to work with my new iPod Touch and should help me track my kilometers.

I’m supposed to use it with Nike + shoes but since I already have my Asics, I’ll just find a way to get this cute little pouch. Any body willing to sponsor me?

Anyway, I decided to log this new goal in my blog so I would have some kind of commitment to the whole thing. Will post my updates here regularly. Wish me luuck!