Regena who?


Yes, my name is Regena. Unfortunately, my parents (Rene and Gemma) had some sort of self-gratification epiphany around the time I was born and decided to name me.. well, after them. I’m not complaining too much though since Regena is a unique name, it’s the Ma. (short for Maria) I had some problems with. When I was in the States, everybody actually thought my first name was Maaaaaa… (scene: university clinic waiting for my immunization shots, Nurse calls out, “Maaa?? Is Maaa Singson here??”). Invoking Nora Aunor mode: I – AM – NOT – A – SHEEP.

I like short walks and dark places. I don’t like dogs and cats, but I think babies are cute. I’m broke because I bought a digital SLR and I have a humongous electric bill. I think the electricity is leaking. I have a short attention span. I am woman, hear me roar. I like bacon. and eggs. But hey, who doesn’t?


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