On self-reflection

  My life has been so busy lately, that I don’t have time to journal what’s going on and to self-reflect.

Don’t get me wrong, there are down-times when I think about life in general, our plans for the future etc… (on the weekends putting up clothes to dry, staring into space while Emma is in the bath, on the train looking out the window as we pass by the Wellington harbour)… but to actually put words on “paper”, I just realised… is such a valuable exercise and I should really do it more often!

I used to keep a journal and loved reading my old entries. It gives you a sense of movement, a sense of growth, reading about how much you have changed over time. I used to write about how frustrated I was when I think my sister annoyed me too much, haha, that’s just funny now.

Self-reflection and journalling also allowed me to vent. I wasn’t a terribly angry teenager/young adult, but I did have my moments. 🙂 Again, being able to look back and read those emotional entries makes you feel, that hey, you get over those negative emotions. Life goes on, and it is up to you to choose to be happy.

Perhaps the hesitation to write is due to the fact that this IS a publicly available site. But I don’t mind. That’s the essence of social media. You share your stories with the world and maybe it entertains someone out there, more importantly, it may help them deal with their own similar issues.

Life goes on. Sometimes we forget. But our words remain.


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