Contemplating Project Life

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Cathy Zielske. From the moment I’ve seen Simple Scrapbooks magazine and her book, I said to myself “Now THAT’s the way I want to scrapbook”. Clean, simple, easy!

So while my scrapbooking has not been very active lately, I contented myself with reading Cathy’s blog (dreaming that I’m doing what she’s doing). Her weight loss journey (WW), and love for her iPhone and photography (Instagram, SLRs) is so similar to mine! She has inspired me to do more: write on my blog, be a better swimmer, and take more photos, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to sustain it (like some of the other projects that I’ve started).

So enter Project Life. Cathy’s on her 6th week and I LOVE her layouts! It seems like a big task, but I like the fact that it’s actually a compilation of little things over time. Unfortunately, the dilemma of having hard copies of everything means printing (which is expensive in New Zealand), and the cost of the actual kit (unfortunately also expensive in NZ), is making me think twice about starting the project.

I’m going to test myself first, and compile a weekly collection of tidbits from week to week. Like screen caps of my fave FB updates from the week:

If I reach the 6th week, still doing this, I might just be able to convince the hubby to buy me the kit! Yey! Not sure yet if I’ll post them on here, or just keep them stored in the Dropbox until I decide what to do with them…

*Deep breath*

Week one, here goes nothing…


One thought on “Contemplating Project Life

  1. (sorry, this is off-topic) Hello! Nice blog you have here. Salamat for visiting my food blog, and for commenting on the Milo post. Ako rin, naasar sa panlalait nila e hindi rin naman talaga local brand dito. Anyway, mukhang nakalimutan na rin nila na nagrereklamo sila dati. 🙂

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