Day two wrap-up: buffets, shopping, and some crazy Rugby World Cup fans!


Our day started pretty good: woke up early, did a few laps at the pool, and… Breakfast buffet! It’s the best part of staying at a hotel, the abundance of bacon, eggs, and smoked salmon a few steps outside of your hotel room. Yum. Highlights of the Rendezvous Hotel buffet breakfast definitely includes the delish mushrooms and the super ‘balot’ tasting omelette! So glad there’s another round to go tomorrow (though a bit guilty because of my supposed diet).

After breakfast we prettified ourselves for the busy day ahead! A quick shopping stop on the North Shore for B’s VERY early birthday gift, then a date with our friends for lunch, a BUFFET lunch! Two and a half hours later, we finally left the hotel for a quick stop at SYlvia Park mall, Auckland’s biggest mall.

Deciding that we ate too much today and needed more exercise, we decided to walk down Queen Street and enjoy the festive RWC! Up tonight were Tonga vs France, and England vs Scotland! The fans were just so excited and happy, it was difficult not to be excited yourself! We are such big rugby ‘experts’ now, haha!

We are headed back tomorrow, still a whole lot left on our list to do (buy), I’m just hoping our bank account survives this trip! 🙂 happy!


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