From exotic Bangalore to beautiful Boracay in seven days

Bede and I both love to travel. We have visited the different islands of the Philippines, but haven’t had the chance to go out of the country together.

The opportunity to visit Bangalore was unexpected and sudden. Even with a hectic schedule, Bede and I decided to visit India for the first time, and it was worth it!

Is it corny to say that having your loved one with you, makes the experience much much better? 🙂 Excuse the photos if you see a whole lot of giddy Genas! More after the jump…

Our HK stopover was 10 hours so we decided to take the chance to visit the city together! Initially, we weren’t sure if we would make it but it turns out that you can zip in and out of the city by train. The Airport Express one-day roundtrip pass for HK$100, will take you downtown in 24 minutes. There are only three stops and the last one will take you directly to HongKong Island, right below IFC mall!

The HK stopover was quick, wet (it rained), and tiring, but it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

The flight to Bangalore from HK took around 6 hours, and we arrived at 2AM. Bangalore is now known as Bengaluru FYI! We were picked up by the hotel driver, and checked in directly to our room since it was very early morning.  Ista Hotel was very nice, modern, though rooms are a bit smaller than hotel rooms in the US or even in Manila. Here’s a peek at our early morning view of the city!

After breakfast, Joseph our driver picked us up for a day tour of the city. It was a Sunday so it was a perfect day for driving around and see the sights! We went to see the famed ISKCON temple, the bull temple, Lal Bagh park, the Tipu Sultan’s summer palace, and a 4:30 lunch at Copper Chimney restaurant.

Lal Bagh park is 240 acres of flowers, trees, and attractions like the glass house and a giant rock. Joseph trekked with us to the top of the giant rock where there was a small temple on top. From there we had a nice view of the city and the rest of the park.

This is a shot of B and I in front of the Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. It was small but definitely reminiscent of the glory of the olden days. The Tipu Sultan is the son of the founder of Bangalore.

Not recommended for everybody, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy watermelon slices from a sidewalk vendor. This may have caused a revolution in my stomach for the next couple of days. Make sure fruits you buy are clean, uncut, and washed properly.

Eating Tandoori chicken with tears in my eyes. My first lunch in Bangalore was a fiery one. I had a little too much of the cilantro chutney, thinking it was going to help ease the spicy roti. NOT! Thus, eating the hot chicken was delicious, but with all the heat from the chutney, it was a bit torturous. Haha! Would do it again in a heartbeat though… 🙂

That Sunday was the only whole day I was able to spend around the city but it was definitely memorable and fun. Bangalore was seven times as magical, being able to experience it with Bede. 🙂

After a week in India, spent a night in Makati, we then flew straight to Iloilo to be with my nutty family.

What a life! It’s been a great week. 🙂


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