I hate multi-tasking

It used to be such an achievement to be like a mad octopus woman working on a gazillion things at once. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m (trying to) doing:

  • Write a blog entry. Why? I don’t know why I have to do it at this exact moment.
  • Check out my Facebook Live Feed
  • Browse DevLearn 2010 sessions
  • Keep an eye out for new tweets in Dr Strangelearn’s ARG
  • Launch an online course that needs updating
  • Determine what’s the scope of the work for the update based on the new materials
  • Look at the future development queue to check what’s the next course to be developed

That’s why I keep a pink Post-It and a pink pen under my nose so I can keep track of what’s important or not. Hay. Time management or chaos?


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