Getting back in the swing of things

I used to play badminton like crazy. Started in about 2003 and magically lost weight without my knowing it. I also met a ton of great people I can call friends for the rest of my life. But I would say the most life changing, was meeting B at one of the games. Who knew playing badminton would lead me to find my soul mate?

Fast forward to 2008 and I started a new job, doing night shift from 9p-6a. The job is exactly what I wanted: challenging, the company is great, and the culture is cool. But it took away a great piece of my life, playing a fast paced game with a lightweight racket and shuttles.

After more than a year of not holding my Nanospeed 8000 in my hand, my best friend started playing again and I forced him to take me back! Stepping back on the taraflex, I forgot that it was always THAT HOT in the courts! And when you’re playing? It’s like a steel pipe hitting you square in the chest and you have to remind yourself to breathe. All those attempts at mid-court lobs, weak smashes, and missed drops, just reminds you of how much better you used to play before you packed in those extra pounds (wow those 10 lbs are heavy!).

I’m writing this post the morning after, and my morning after pill is 500mg of Dolfenal. Hehe. We’re coming back for more however, I’m determined to get back in the swing of things again. This time maybe lose weight again and regaining some of my former badminton glory!

Ouch, my back really really hurts. *groooaaan* Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Getting back in the swing of things

  1. Calvs: I still play DOTA pero dito lang sa house with Bede, hehe!
    Spidey: Yahhh those were the days no! Grabe, saya din hehe. Sad thing nag fizzle out na ang badminton fad.
    Joey: Omaygas! I was so payat there! Hahahaha, would be nice to be that active again. 🙂 Naglalaro pa kayo?

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