Day two in Boracay -Tired but happy!

Just got back to the hotel after a long and fun day at Bora. B and I woke up at 5:30 to run a 5k along the beach. It was a challenging run because it was raiiiining! We ran all the way to station 1 and back, though I asked B to stop for a few minutes because the soft sand and the uneven terrain were killing me. Oh well made up all of the 375 calories that I burned with a yummy breakfast of hotdogs and koko krunch! I love BHR 🙂

The rain finally stopped an we all trooped to the beach to do our obligatory cam whoring with the pentax and snapsights cams. The beauty of the beach still takes your breath away even after all these years.

Lunch at the palengke where we bought fresh crabs prawns and scallops and had them cooked right away. That’s the best food trip tradition ever! I’ll see if I can post photos soon. Dinner at cafe med and enjoyed the show at m02 cafe with a dark chocolate gelato. Yumm!

Time to call it a night. I’ll see you again tomorrow Boracay.


2 thoughts on “Day two in Boracay -Tired but happy!

    • Hehe we wore our Nike plus sensors and I used my iPod na rin. Good thing my belkin armband protected my iPod. Highly recommended ang run sa Bora. Just do it while low tide!

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