Reminiscing my Digital Past

It’s now 1AM Saturday morning and yes, *sigh*,  I am at work. I just finished editing narration audio and now have a ton of Captivate editing to do but a girl needs a break right!

So I decided to look for my old photos and I remembered that I left my online footprints waaaayy back in the late 90s and uploaded a lot of photos to some of my old websites, as in circa 1997, Camp Internet days! Hahahaha. So I decided to go to this wonderful site: The Wayback Machine, a site that archives websites since 1995! Awesome…

Well unfortunately, I didn’t get any hits for my or geocities website. But found my old site, all pink and fun:

I can’t believe I actually did the old site with PHP complete with a photo gallery, chatbox, and a mailing form. I have no doubt that I can NOT do that again. Hehehe…

Here are some entries from my Artificial Intelligence blog, stripped of the little debel images and CSS formatting: click. And another set of blog entries.

Ahhhh… those were the days… 🙂


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