Philippine Open 2009 (Badminton)

Had a little bit of extra time today to post some pictures from the Bingo Bonanza Philippine Open 2009. Badminton Geeks that we are, Bede and I were so excited to see the event that we bought our prime seat tickets ringside  (only 1k for the two of us na!) a month in advance. Excited no? We only got to see the semis and finals though, because of my schedule at work.

The big big names didn’t get to play this year (unlike the MVP cup and the 2007 Phil Open) but we got to see the #1 rank singles woman Mi Zhou from HK! Yey! She was sooo the crowd favorite, always smiling. The guy seated next to me said that she smiles a lot because when she was training in China, they were told NOT TO SMILE on court. Ngyee.

We also got to see the future of badminton (or so they say), in Chen Long and Taufik’s lookalike from HK, Hu Yun.

Here are some of our pics from the semis and finals days:

Crocs noisemakers!

Excuse the giddy look, Bede risked life and limb to grab these for me. Cha-yo!

Mixed Doubles Finals

We didn’t get a lot of action shots because the camera guy was right in front of us on Finals day.

Zhou Mi

We got decent after-tourney shots though, the players passed right in front of us before the awarding. This is Zhou Mi, she lost in the Finals match though. 😦

Lin Dan and Taufik?

Chen Long, rising superstar in the badminton world beat Taufik’s lookalike that day. He really does look AND PLAY like Taufik! 🙂

We won!

Uhh they left their checks behind, hey can we cash this at the bank? Taraaa before they notice the big checks are missing!

Gail Clark

I was like “Oh my gosh oh my gosh, YOU’RE THE VOICE OF BADMINTON!!!!” She said, “Ehr, hehe”. Gill Clark!!!!


2 thoughts on “Philippine Open 2009 (Badminton)

  1. rhodney says:

    I was looking for Gill Clark after the game. I was slightly opposite her commentating position, directly opposite the camera (yes, my friends saw me in the background while the players were competing). You’re so lucky you got a pic with her. BTW, have you seen her play? If not, here’s the link: Type “Clark” in the search button of hirumaneko’s page. Enjoy.

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