My problems with Banco de Oro – debit without dispense!

I am so tired and worn out from all the anxiety this problem has given me. I will try my damndest to get this story out there. Something should be done about this issue since the banks are getting away with it! The following is a letter I sent via BDO’s feedback page (OF COURSE there’s no email address you can write directly to for complaints)


I am a BDO depositor via a payroll account, and I hope this message reaches the HV dela Costa branch manager, as well as the president of the bank.

Last February 25, 2009, I tried to withdraw P18,000 from the Pasong Tamo branch and without dispensing the money, the entire amount was debited from my account. It has been 5 banking days already and, as promised by the CSR I talked to, my money should have been credited back to my account by now.

I hope you understand that this kind of service is UNACCEPTABLE and this bank has literally cost me loss of income, almost my entire half month’s salary. Regular customers like myself have rents due, electricity bills to pay, and food I need to put on our table!

I will file complaints with DTI, SEC, and other consumer groups within the week especially if my money, which I have worked HARD for, is still not returned to me by Friday. I sincerely hope that this kind of “red tape” is seen by the higher-ups and something should be done about it. I have read and heard a lot of “debit without dispense” incidents from co-workers and friends, and your bank owes it to us as your customers, to fix this problem for good.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I am not working in the bank but i know the process of crediting back the debited amount due to some problem. I work in SM as a/r and part of my job is to forward complaints from customer to the branch then to our office and on other hand we will forward the same to bdo and normally, the bank’s processing time is quick but if ur card is other than bdo card, such will be credited back to customer 5-10days to customers account. Although it might had been creadited already b4 that estimated days, still that is the normal processing days they will advise u so that customers will not be tired checking from time to time so to be sure that it has been credited to ur account specific days were given since some customers were really very upset about this issue. Sometimes, the issuing bank other than bdo were the cause of delay of processing them although bdo has already forwarded them to issuing bank on time.

    if ur atm/credit card is bdo, then it will be credited back right away to customers account if the processing party submitted the complaints to bdo also on time. But if ur issuing bank is not bdo then sometimes it will cause delay depending on how ur issuing bank will respond to such complaints but we all know and ensures to coordinate them asap because the cause of delay might be possibly sanctioned by the company thats why its also breath taking if u forgot to send because sometimes due to many jobs we handled, we might overlook emails from all branches to us.

    But for sure as long as the complaints is valid/true, it will surely be credited back to u only that it had a standard time. Aside from this kind of problem, the reason of debited accounts is due to some factors like verifone, system or cashiers problem and i dont know much if how to avoid them since im not assigned in the selling area but i think it will be avoided.

  2. Gd am. This is bert gil gumisad, i was withraw 3,800 at bdo machine last may 10,2014 at robinson mall supermarket,limketkai,cdo. But the money was not despense on that time arround 6:30-7:00pm.. this is my security bank account no.0233-758773-200..its too long until nw they will not refound.

  3. Gd am. This is bert gil gumisad, i was withraw 3,800 at bdo machine last may 10,2014 at robinson mall supermarket,limketkai,cdo. But the money was not despence on that time arround 6:30-7:00pm.. this is my security bank account no.0233-758773-200..its too long until nw they will not refound.

  4. vmv says:

    Last May 18, I asked my trustworthy nephew Mike Daryl Bagus to withdraw at SM San Lazaro Department Store Ground Floor on my behalf. Upon checking the current balance at around 1629H and 1631H, my saving account has a balance of PHP 18,335.27 so he withdrew PHP 18,000.00. Unfortunately said ATM machine did not dispense any money or receipt in that transaction. He waited there for a few minutes and at 1638H he checked again the balance and it turned out that my account was debited and the balance is now PHP 335.27 only .

    Right after this incident, he immediately reported it at BDO SM San Lazaro office located at the ground floor and they were able to call the BDO Call Center to report it. BDO advised to wait after 5 working days, but unfortunately when I called on May 24 for a follow up, it turned out that according to your investigation the cash was indeed dispensed by the machine. I even went to BDO Washington personally on May 26 as this was the advised from your Customer Service to report and explain the incident. I was assisted by the branch manager, Ms. Cora and she reported this also.

    BDO is still advising me that Php 18,000.00 was successfully withdrawn last May 18 which is unacceptable from my part as there was no really cash dispensed from the ATM Machine. In this regard, I want a further investigation and I need evidence as a proof that your ATM really dispensed the said amount on May 18, this can be only proven by providing me a video captured by the CCTV when my nephew made a transaction.

    • edz says:

      using my bpi card, ngwithdraw ako 5k sa bdo machine last aug 2013…walang nadispense…filed complaints, sa bpi daw ako magpfollow up..hindi naibalik khit nakailang follow up ang bpi…they just robbed my 5k….

      • I think the reason why they advised u to file ur complaints to BPI kc si BPI kc yong issuing party mo.. walang magawa c bdo dahil its not part of their recon mgfile ka nlng ng complaints sa customer service ata un ng bpi

  5. Nakakatakot naman ang mga nabasa ko dito. 😦 Kanina lang, I tried to withdraw money using my BDO card sa BDO atm mismo pero “transaction cannot be processed” ang lumalabas. I tried to withdraw from other machines (Equitable & Eastwest) and yun din ang lumabas, while yung girl naman na nasa unahan ko sa pila sa Eastwest, nakita ko naman na nakapagwithdraw ng maayos. What does this mean? I have NOTHING to spend right now, sa totoo lang. Kaya natatakot ako na baka matulad ako sa mga nabasa ko dito. Weekend pa naman. 😦 Grabe naman ang BDO. I’m just a student who is trying to maximize yung allowance ko na pinaghirapan ng magulang ko. Sana naman hindi nila kunin yung kakaunting nasa account ko. Barya lang yun sa ibang tao pero for me, sobrang laking bagay na nun.

  6. Gabby says:

    nakak frustrate lahat ng nababasa ko dito… i had the same problem eh…ganun din yung process tumawag ako sa csr then 5 banking days daw hihintayin for the process… feeling ko di na maibabalik yung money…. sweldo ko pa namn yun ;( I HATE ATM na talga

  7. Angelo says:

    i had the same problem today. sa totoo lang, hindi lang isang beses nangyari sakin na na-debit yung pera ko pero this time kasi emergency so malaki talaga ang effect. i went to bdo shorthorn branch kaninang tanghali to withdraw money na pambii ko ng gamot ko, pambayad ko sa required na seminar sa school (trisem kami so may pasok pa), at pambili ng ink ng printer ko (gumagawa ako ng thesis ngayon and i need to print those documents bago mag thursday). dahil nga ilang beses na kong nadadale ng debit without dispense sa BDO, half muna ang winithdraw ko which is 1600. the atm screen displayed transaction completed, please take your card etc. so took my card and waited. the screen froze for about 3-5 minutes then biglang nag display ng “sorry we couldn’t process your transaction etc…”. medyo nakaramdam na ko ng kaba dahil that is what usually happens pag nadedebit yung pera ko. so i checked sa kabilang atm nila na “non-cash transactions only” and yun na nga. debited yung pera ko. pumasok ako sa shorthorn branch to check if they can do something about it pero tinuro lang nila ako sa phone nila. since i know the drill, i called 631 8000 and sabi within 5 working days. eh pano yung gamot ko? tapos holiday bukas? holy week next week. so after holy week ko na makukuha yung pera ko? since kelangan ko bumalik ng school, i went to bpi shorthorn to withdraw the remaining money and went to my school para ibayad yung pera. so ngayon, wala na kong, pambili ng gamot, wala akong pambili ng pagkain, wala akong pambili ng ink ng printer, seminar lang nabayaran ko. pano na lang ang gagawin ko nito? holiday bukas and next week holiday din. and BDO “can’t find ways” to give my money back. so tatanga na lang ba ako dito hanggang mamatay ako while waiting for that damn money?

  8. emmy says:

    pls. help me pls. email me the BDO customer email add or pls, text me what to do, ty i advance -09173909832

  9. emmy says:

    help me I also got into the same experience. Its hard to contact BDO customer service at 631-8000.

  10. Jes says:

    Dear All

    I also had bad experience to share about Banco de Oro ATM Machine in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Q.C. They have two atm machines in place. I first withdraw in ATM 1 but no money dispensed, so I went to ATM 2 to make withdrawal, and same thing happened. One week later, I was shocked to death that Php 10,000 has been debited from my account. I complained to my branch in SM Marikina Mall and used their phone and discussed with the bdo call center agent. The same process, I must wait for the blah blah I waited until January 5, 2014, I received the written statement know as investigation report. I now believed that BDO is the worse bank in the town. anyway, thank you for posting this blog..
    my next move is to write request for re-investigation to document my complain (incident report) to be submitted to the Manager of BDO….then I will make sure to report to the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas on this is very unfair for us….Malala pa ito sa pork barrel scam..


    Jes Ostos

  11. Chona belarma says:

    Last saturday din sa sm bf sucat pque ..nag wiwithdraw ako ng 9k unable to despense daw ang machine nila .lumipat ako sa isa pag balance ko bawas na ng 9k tumawag ako sa bdo hotline sabi punta muna ko sa branch ng bpi yun kc ang card ko pag punta ko ng bpi dapat dw sa bdo at cla na ang mag rereport sa bpi .but then the bpi make a report forwRded to bdo,sabi nya after 5 banking days balik ako para i update pag balik ko kanina wala pang reply and bdo!grabe diba.may pera ka para makuha mo anytime tapos ganyan ang mangyayari ang tagal ng action mila!nakaka bwisit,1 wk n bukas kahit reply fr bdo wala !!

    • Shay says:

      hi, ask ko lng kung nabalik po ba money mo ng bdo, nangyari kase sken to nung feb 26, til now wala pa money ko

  12. Sherwin says:

    last november 3, 2013 nag withdraw ako sa BDO SM Baliwag, 16k, error, unable to dispense pero na debit ako ng 16k, tumawag ako sa customer service maghintay daw ako hangang november 11…..5 working days daw ang investigation.
    Kinakabahan ako sa mga nabasa ko dito..
    sana naman maibalik sakin..

  13. Addam Ceigler N. Garcia says:

    BDO where does my money go I did’nt even withdraw any money please help me.I be thankful if you help me,very thankful

  14. Carlilay says:

    Same situation here. Withdrawed 18k but there was no money dispensed. BDO call center said to wait for 5 working days. 8th day and still havent got my money. When I talked to BDO call center, I asked them which branch should I go straight to. or should I go to main office to adress my complain personally so they’ll take immidiate action. But the girl insisted to wait within the day. Its already the 9th day and still no action. Need the money asap to pay for bills and tuition. Some deadlines have penalties. 😦 BDO should be the one to pay for the penalties and not us! Dammit.

    • Shay says:

      hi, ask ko lng kung nabalik po ba money mo ng bdo, nangyari kase sken to nung feb 26, til now wala pa money ko

  15. drews.. says:

    putiks 19k nadali nang bdo sa misis ko it happend yesterday… animal kayu budget namin yan at pang bayad nang bills.. pag na delay kami sa bills poblema na agad kami…sana ma ibalik nyu yan BDO..

  16. jane says:

    nakakainis talaga yang BDO na yan…kung klan kailangan namin ng pera tsaka pa mangyayari samin ito..ang mga staff kung anu anu sinasabi.kinukuha ko ung refference number kc un ung tinatanong ng BDO services sabi wala daw kc via email un.panu kaya mababalik ang pera namin.sabi after 15 days balik ulit ako.lukuhan yata gusto nila pinabalik kmi after 1 week taz 15 days ulit.what the best thing to do?

    • aivz028 says:

      may trucking number ka na b? last night din naencounter ko nung magwiwithdraw na ako bglang nagoffline (magdidespense na yung money bglang nagoffline) tapos ngbalance inquiry ako sa ibang branch nagdebit sa account ko. ngreport ako sa customer service binigyan ako ng trucking number. nakuha mo na ba yung money mo?

  17. Uno Menodza says:

    i tried to withdraw this afternoon using my BDO debit cash card then the machine went offline after a few minutes it went online again then when i checked my balance it has deducted the money i was trying to withdraw before it went offline but did not dispense the money… the security guard saw what happened…

    • aivz028 says:

      same case saakin last night. angreport na ako sa customer service nila need to wait 5 days daw. ano nangyari sayo naibalik ba? tnx

    • michelle says:

      same thing nangyari sakin, but not in bdo, or bpi. my atm is bpi, i withdraw at security bank machine, error msg: unable to process your transaction. tpos wlang dinispense na pera wla dng resibo, 3400 p nmn yun. grabe nkaka frustrate.

  18. gary says:

    Same thing happened to me today. i have savings account with bdo, mag wdraw sna ako sa metrobank atm ng 5k, it took longer than the usual but i thought its okay dahil i encountered it several times na. Ending, walang lumabas na pera. nag check ako ng balance after that and hindi nako nag try mag wdraw. Ayun, nabawasan na ng 5k yung savings ko. na report ko na sa bdo today and the rep said they will look into it and it may take 15 banking days. follow up nalang daw ako. then the rep gave me a reference number. Basing on this forum and as well as the others, mukhang palalging nangyayari to sa bdo. may mga nabasa pakong hindi naibabalik yung pera nila. I really hope it wont happen to me. 5k may not be that huge amount of money for others but it is for me. ngayon pa na kailangan ko talaga sya. sana maibalik, at maibalik agad. I will keep this forum updated for any progress.

  19. BDO sucks big time! says:

    pakshet. hindi lang pala ako ang nadale ng bdo. tried to withdraw 10k via atm sa BDO-nasugbu branch last april 25, pambayad sa ahente na nag aantay sa botika namin. bpi ang atm ko, but since ang bpi ay 15 minutes away, sa bdo ako nag withdraw, which is just a block away. kampante lang ako kasi ok naman ang mga past transactions ko sa atm nila. at nagwithdraw rin ako earlier that day ng 10k din. so, withdrawing 20k that day would mean i reached the 20k max na pwede iwithdraw. since wala na naman akong babayaran that day, nagwithdraw nga ako ng another 10k bandang 2pm. tapos hindi nagdispense ang machine, tumunog nga sya like it was counting the money, tapos sabi ng machine “unable to get a response from your bank” or something to that effect. nag antay ako na may lumabas na reciept, wala rin. so deadma lang ako. thinking offline lang ang machine at nakalimutan ni kuya guard lagyan ng ‘out of order’ na sign. so, tamad tamaran, i went to bpi kahit katirikan ng araw. dutdutdut, i went to the console para i dutdutdut ang details ng transaction na gagawin ko. pagdating ko kay ate teller, ay naku ineng, 9,998.59 na lang ang laman ng account mo. huwaaaaat??? nung nagwithdraw ako sa bdo atm kaninang umaga, 20,013.59 pa ang balance. so, sama-samaan ng loob, humingi ako kay ate teller ng copy ng transactions ko that day. after that, gora to bdo para magreklamo. taena naman yung nakausap ko. “ay mam, sa kanila po kayo (bpi) dapat magreklamo. hindi po namin card ang ginamit nyo.” nagtaray tarayan ako. e miss, atm nyo ang kumain ng pera ko, bakit sa kanila ako magrereklamo? sabi nya, bpi daw ang tatawag sa bdo about the ‘incident’. so, thinking yun talaga ang protocol, balik ako kay ate teller ng bpi at ipinasa ako sa customer support nila na by the way habang may 6 customer na nakapila nag aantay tawagin ang number nila ay nagchichismisan lang tungkol sa kabit ni ganito na sinugod daw ni ganyan. ayun, pinag fill-up ako ng isang papel, itatawag daw nya sa bdo. and usually will take 5-8 working days… taena much talaga!!! mapapalo ako ng tatay ko!

    so ayun. after reading this post, try ko mag-email sa BSP.

  20. depo kahapon po. Closed the shop -spend hours po dyan sa BDO super haba ng pila went there at 10 in the morning got out at 12:30 dahil d daw sa teller pinapasok ung sa cash card. went up-stair as told to depo cash card, the guard told me its cut off time and have to get back at 1:30pm, took lunch, before 1:30 went back to BDO wait for my no. to be called with one teller for the cash card and remitance and 10-15mins each customer.. i finally got done at 5pm..

  21. my complaints about bdo is how they treated me I’m in the line for 3 hrs from 5:30 up to 8:30 when I was in the teller in SM STA. ROSA-BDO they told that they are not accepting at tumawag n daw sila kung may bills payment how come n di ko narining kce im on the 4rth on the last at sinung gustong pumila in 3 hrs until 5:30 daw ang cut-off kelan pa? as far as I know it is until 6:30 kce bat ko alam tenant kme ng SM STA. ROSA and down daw ang system, di sila makatao ang pagpila ng 3 hrs ay di biro may bayad nmn cguro overtime wala silang kwenta grabe… kung kulang cla s teller bkit di cla maghire…sa sobrang gigil di ko alam kung knino magrereklamo may alam b kyong email add nila? di rin tinanggap ang deposit ko napakawalang kwentang mga teller…

  22. yumi128 says:

    Just had the same dismaying experience with BDO,,,,,yesterday i had to withdraw P60k from my aunt’s internatinal debit card she left me for errand purposes,,,,i was able to withdraw 50k smoothly,,,but dilemma came when i had to withdraw the last 10k to complete my 60k amount,,,,i completed te whole process and was already waiting for the cash i already heard the whirring thinking the machine is on its way of dispensing,,,it was taking too long the normal time but still gave it some time,,,finally noticing the whirring sound still going i began to wonder,,,suddenly it stopped and there came on the screen notice which goes like “temporarily unable to process transaction pls conact your bank” duh?.. Then a receipt came out and read it,,,”unable to dispense cash” ,,,,i made an overseas call to my aunt and told her i was able to withdraw only 50k,,,,contrary to the amount 60k she told me,,,,she got surprised and told me to get online on ym because upon checking her account online,,,it stated that 60k as been withdrawn,,,,that there were withdrawals of 10k for 6times….hwaaat?…igot a little bit nervous as i dont want my aunt to think otherwise of me…tomorrow imto call Bdo contact center again and lay this incident hoping they would be able to give me a clearer explanation ad of course a return of an UNDISPENSED CASH!!! Pls help me also on these,,,,,it supposedly hard earn money for use on christmas sason,,,,

  23. zzz says:

    Hay. Kung kelan naman magpapasko chaka naman na-debit yung account ako sa BDO. Debit without dispense. Leche.

  24. CJG says:

    i have a different case, i am an online user and i use my internet banking (BDo) for bank transactions. I transferred money from my savings account to my cash card amounting to Php 19, 500 in one transaction. suddenly, an error message appeared informing me the transaction was failed. I checked my balance and the 19k was credited to my savings account but not debited to my cash card which was a fail and to my surprise i was shocked (and nervous at the same time) so i called bdo hotline asap. they gave me an option whether to transfer the money back on my savings account or to my cash card, i informed them to transfer to my savings na lang. the girl’s reply was it will took 5 working days to complete the transfer (for both options) at bakit ba ang tagal?? i asked the girl what happened and she informed me wala daw siyang alam… this is the first time i experienced it with BDO and kinakabahan na ako for other transactions made online. this is not safe anymore. i just hope i can get my money back before friday this week :/

  25. If anyone has any idea how we can make the complaint and get some resolution, please do leave a message. i’m willing to check back regularly here to see if we can all get together and make a unified complaint.

  26. AzmoD3uS says:

    Is there any other avenue we can go to to file complaints so we can get heard??? I’m out 10k from my MBTC card on their offsite ATM (no MBTC in that area) and i was just told that they sent a certificate saying it was a valid transaction. I asked for cctv viewing. Guess what? NO CCTV INSTALLED DAW!!!! WTF!!!

  27. WILLfindways says:

    Wait for the resolution of BDO or you can tell them when exactly you want this concern be resolved. Raising a complaint with the Bank is the best way for them to improve their systems and processes.


  29. LET ME SHARE YOU MY UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE WITH BDO SM SUPERCENTER MOLINO wherein I have my bank account. Sometime a month ago, I went to withdrew a thousand pesos to pay my balance for renting a place. When I hit my pin number, it said my card turned to be invalid and I have to check it with my bank. Good thing, I have my mom’s ATM and I had to withdraw the money I need from hers. After two days,me and my sister in law went to Quezon city to have a business transaction with a man and I have to pay50,000. I was thinking of withdrawing 20,000 pesos twice and use my mom’s BDO ATM. To my disappointment, my other BDO ATM got invalid mentioning the same thing. Good thing, I brought my passbook in my SM Molino branch because I was thinking of settling my ATM problem after this transaction so I have no choice but to withraw over the counter. We nearly lose our day and wasted our effort for not having money that day. I was charged 200 pesos for withdrawing over the counter. Only if I knew that this thing would happen, I should have brought my BDO UN branch perhaps I don’t have to pay anything at all or it would be lesser than 200 pesos. I got into BDO SM Molino branch to settle my problem that afternoon. They said I must have used my ATM for online payment and that must be why they stopped it from working for my safety. They said they are notifying the clients through text if this thing happen but since it happened Friday afternoon and the next day is Saturday so they were not able to message me. Anyway, the staff was apologetic and all they can do is replace my ATM for free. The next day, I went to settle my ATM problem in my UN BDO Branch and they said that I did multiple withdrew in a day that’s why the system stopped it for my safety because, my ATM must have been stolen my money and trying to empty my account. That would be the most possible reason why they have to invalid my ATM. So they did the same thing as well, replacing my ATM. I expressed the staff about my disappointment with their service because sometimes, I’m spending all the cash I have in hands, not even transportation money and just run to ATM and if that thing would happen again that I can’t withdrew through ATM, I wouldn’t be able to go home. What will I do? I think the manager of that BDO branch overheard me and pacified me and advise me to go back to the branch wherein I withdrew the money from through over the counter transaction in Manila because it’s the bank fault not to inform me even through email or text because if they did, I should have known what to do better. She said that they can lift the 200 pesos charge and put it back in my account and that is very possible. The manager was very accommodative and she knew how to handle customers’ complaints like mine. When I get the chance, I went to SM Supercenter Molino BDO Branch to see if I can do something as advised to lift the 200 pesos charge. Such case should be refer to manager. So I relayed my story to the Manager. BUT THE MANAGER SAID THAT THE CHARGE CAN ONLY BE LIFTED ONLY IF I WITHREW OVER THE COUNTER ONLY 500,000 THOUSAND AND UP WHILE I ONLY TRANSACTED 50,000 PESOS…AND I WAS TRYING TO EXPLAIN THAT THE REASON OF NOT MAINTAINING MINIMUM BALANCE WASN’T THE REASON FOR MY ACCOUNT TO BE INACTIVE AND NOT PROCESS ATM WITHRAWAL…AND SHE MENTIONED THAT MY ACCOUNTS COULD BE DORMANT FOR 22 MONTHS THAT WAS THE REASON THEY STOPPED MY ATM…OR MY ATM MUST HAVE SCRATCHED INSIDE MY BAG. BUT INVALIDATING 2 ATMs, HOW SHE COULD EXPLAIN THAT? SHE WAS TALKING WHILE I WAS TALKING TRYING TO EXPRESS MYSELF AND SHE IT SEEMED THAT SHE WASN’T LISTENING TO ME…IT SEEMED THAT ALL SHE WANTED FOR ME IS TO STOP AND JUST GO. THE BDO HAD MADE ME TOO MUCH TROUBLE BECAUSE OF INVALIDATING MY ATMs. SHE NEVER HAD BEEN APOLOGETIC LIKE THE OTHER STAFF AND IT SEEMED THAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE CUSTOMERS COMPLAINTS. I COULD HAVE LET IT GO ONLY IF SHE HANDLED ME APPROPRIATELY. ANYWAY ITS ONLY 200 PESOS BUT ITS ALREADY MY 1 DAY EXPENSE WHENEVER I GO TO MANILA FROM CAVITE. BDO HAVE MANY BRANCHES BUT THEIR SERVICES IS GETTING LOW BECAUSE THEY HAVE SO MANY CLIENTS. WITH TROUBLES LIKE THIS I WOULD JUST SWITCH TO OTHER BANK LIKE BPI….Concerned Customer.

  30. Leo says:

    I had the same problem with an RCBC atm. I had to wait 8 days before my money was credited back to me. To make matters worse, since my money is deposited with Metrobank, the charge of 11 pesos for inter-bank transaction wasn’t refunded to me.

    Did anyone else notice that these banks don’t refund atm fees even if the machine doesn’t dispense the cash?

  31. Camz, I have the same problem with BDO! My payroll account is under BDO so I have no choice but to transact with them. The first incident was January this year, I tried to withdraw from a Citibank ATM. No money was dispensed but it was debited from my account. They gave it back to me after a few days but there is nothing that can replace the worry of not getting back my hard earned money!

    It happened to me again just this morning! This time I thought of withdrawing money from a BDO ATM to minimize the risk of debit but it happened again! The stupid ATM machine logged off and restarted after saying the transaction is now being processed!

    Now I will be going through the excruciating experience of waiting endlessly for their action. This time is worse because I tried to withdraw my whole month’s salary.

  32. k says:

    My BDO savings account was debited Feb 19, 2011 at around 1am-2am from BDO Kamias-Anonas Branch. I called BDO’s hotline and reported the incident. They said it would take 5 business days before the amount would be credited to my account. I was debited for 1500 pesos, small amount. Right?. But I need the money since I also have other bills to pay and that amount is a big help. I called BDO again and requested to expedite the process but it seems like they haven’t started the investigation. The CSR couldn’t even answer me when I asked her the status of my complain. She keeps on telling me that the request was already forwarded to the proper department. Now I dont have anything to spend for the weekend. I read a couple of same situation online and it scares me to read negative feedback about how BDO handles this kind of situation. I am just hoping the amount would still be credited to my savings account.

  33. ako din. naranasan ko na din yan. sa loob mismo ng megamall ako ngwithdraw. 700 ang winithdraw ko kaso 200 lang lumabas. ngcomplain ako a manager nila, sbi nya wait dw nila if may mgbbalik ng 500 sa knila. balik dw ako after 15days. bumalik ako sbi wla nman dw ngbalik ng 500 Imagine, sa panahong ito, may mgbbalik pba? kpabyaan nila if d ngffunction ng mabuti ang mga atm terminals nila. cnabi ko din sa csr nila, kaso wla ding silbi. ang hirap lng clang kontakin taz ihhold ka nila for one hour hanggat ikaw na ang mgssawang mg-aantay s knila pra balikan ka sa fon.. grabe tlga..

  34. says:

    About Cash Card may problema na raw ang bangko de oro sa ibang bansa kasi sabi ng mga remiitance eh napadala na nila yung pera sa baanco de oro (BDO) tapos tsek ko internet banking inquiry undesignated pa raw ibig sabihin nasa kanila na dba kung nasa kanila na yung pera dapat deretso na sa cash card o baka naman ginagamit na muna nila ang pera para ipondo nila sa ibang account
    Just asking lang po hindi kaya matulad ang banco de oro sa LBC bank na nang magsara hindi raw kasama ang LBC remit pag nagsara ang banco de oro sabihin nila hindi kasama ang SM ????????

  35. kris says:

    kanina rin nag-try kaming mag-withdraw using cash card ng bdo pero hindi kami nakakuha ng pera kasi sabi ng machine e naabot na raw ang maximum limit for a day kaya naman nagtry ulit kami sa iba pero ganun pa rin ang sinabi at balik na lang tomorrow…

    sinubukan ulit namin kaninang gabi na sa ibang atm machine naman pero kada inquiry namin e nababawasan kami ng 2k e nakatatlo kaming inquiry plus trying to withdraw na wala pa rin kaya naman malamang 8k na lahat ng nawala…

    actually first time itong nangyari sa amin kasi nung nag-observe kami sa ibang users e naka-withdraw naman sila unlike us.

    sinubukan naman naming tumawag sa call center ng bdo pero unfortunately sa twice na tawag namin e tugtog ANG narinig namin kaya wala rin… so bukas pupunta nalang kami sa bdo bank to inquire about it kasi naman kawawa naman pagod namin kung kakainin lang ng LETSENG BANGKOng YUN!

    • leds says:

      kakawidthraw ko lang din ng 10k sa ATM..yung first try, okayas in 5 secs lang nakuha ko yugn 10k.. yung sumunod ang tagal, tapos pls take your card na, tumunog na parang nagdidispense ng pera, pero walang lumabas. tumawag ako tapos ayun, investigate blah blah… haaay 10k!!! nakaka pang lata.

  36. angel says:

    maliit lang na amount yun compare sa mga nababasa kong reklamo dito. pero kelangan namin yun sa mga oras at panahon na toh.


  37. angel says:

    just now, nadebit with no money dispensed yung card ng mister ko. sh*T kung kelan naman magha holiday. ok naman yung mga employees dun sa branch na nakausap ko. sila pa mismo yung nag dial ng number ng CSR para makausap ko. walang taray moment.

    i’m just hoping na may positive outcome yung 24hrs na sinabi ng CSR since computer generated daw yung sa debit chenes.

    natatakot ako sa mga nababasa ko dito. pero i’m looking forward na magkaron ng maayos na outcome.. magpa-Pasko pa naman!

  38. atasha says:

    guys beleive it or not ung customers service nila walang kwenta …… wag na kayong umasa sa bdo di namababalik ung pera nyo …. kagaya sakin the result was not favorabl in my side … so i lost money ….anong gagawin natin pra matigil na sila …. sinong my alam kay tulfo or kay noli de castro pra isumbong natin tapos bigyan natin nag site sila pra mabasa nila ung problem natin ….

  39. Stanley says:

    This just happened to me now, Debit without dispense at SM Makati Branch. So i tried to search the net for similar incidents at BDO ATM’s, to my surprise a lot of people here have the same incident. I widthrew 20k a few hours ago, it was really a hassle. Had to talk to the customer service who told me they will have to investigate first. Have a lot of bills to pay. haaay sobrang hassle talaga.

  40. rom says:

    this also happened to me recently. i reported it right away to they hotline. now i have to wait 3-5 banking days for any progress. what’s happening with their electronic banking system? that’s my only allowance for this month since we only get a salary once a month! i have no choice since my payroll goes to BDO. sh*t!

  41. ciane says:

    elow.. i’m really frustrated kz ung winthdraw ko 21,000 hnd dnespense nung machine. I’ve called the CSR and still wla p din.. 2 days n, I badly need it p nman pang tuition ko un eh.. Is there anyone who can help me? May chance p b mabawi ko ung money?

  42. jp says:

    pare-pareho tayo! ako din ganun din ninakawan din just now.. sabi ng machine “transaction cannot be processed” when i tried withrawing all my money.. naka payroll kse atm ko sakanila eh.. pag check ko ulit after a couple hours, believe it or not, ang laman ng account ko -3,495! napamura ako talaga eh! pwde pala mangyareng negative yung balance mo?! i already called their customer service. i was also advised 5 days before i callback.. let’s see what happens.. thanks to your posts,guys.. sobrang na enlighten ako.. 🙂

  43. atasha says:

    we are the same situation camz…. till now di binalik ung money ko kc sabi nila na despence daw ..alam mo ba dito samin yung pabubukas yang BDO nag hire sila nag employee na with pleasant personality … ung manager nila parang namimili ng pokpok pra e hire as teller nila ….. wala ngang utak kc walang modo di nga mag smile sa mga kliyente …… bank is MBTC , RCBC , Chinabank ….. choice ko lng un kc yan ung bank ko ngayon …… kaya beware sa mga ATM holder ng iba ibang bank huwag kayong mag withdraw ng MACHINE SA BDO KAHIT ANONG BRANCH PA YAN kahit nga sa kanila kapa mag deposit nanakawan ka parin …. mga walang hiya yan sila..

    • hahahah!absolutely!they hire the good looking ones e i know my friend who also tried to apply na very good tlga employment record nya and even get awards from the rural bank she worked for kaso un nga lng dahil mas sexy and maiksi skirt nung isa, ung ang hired.hahhaha!

  44. camz says:


    Tama ka dyan, mga suplada, prang di sila natrain ng customer service ng BDO.. ang laking company pero wlang time magtrain ng mga tao nila..

    enweiz, wat happened to me was, nadebit ang acnt ko ng P12000 xmpre di nagdispense ung atm nila, eh sa laki ng nawala saken sympre dumiretso kami sa branch nila.. the atm was just near the branch.. nung nagreklamo kami sab ng employee nila na successful namn dw on their end, eh malamang kaya nga kami nagrereklamo kasi it shows nga na successful on their end but the atm didnt dispense the money.. alam nyo b anong sinabi saken, the worst response ever, “DI NMAN PO NAMIN KSALANAN KUNG DI NYO NAKUHA YUNG PERA..”

    da hell diba?.. nagreklamo pa ako.. tapos sb saken tumawag daw ako sa call center nila.. I did, kakaloka tlga.. promise super mga wlang modo mga employee nila..

    imagine, kaya siguro ang yaman yaman na ni HENRY SY, kasi sa milyon milyon na customer nila, ilan kaya ang ginaganito nila.. sbhn nilang sa 1000 na customer nila, 100 dun may ganitong reklamo eh magkano na lahat un.. graveh super..

    until now, wla pa rin ung money, sb saken nung nag-audit eh wla dw sobra, sb ko find another way to do the investigation kasi wla talga akong nakuhang pera, and the receipts i have will show tlga wat happened that day.. sb saken 1month dw ung additional dispute process, this month is the 2nd month.. still have not receive any info abt it..

  45. atasha says:


  46. atasha says:

    i must say thats im also the victim of this bank , i withdraw also in verra mall greenhills 10,000 but no money dispence but it was debited on my account … this me cause me pissing off its a hard earn money almost i lost food for the whole month , i never satisfied the way they treated me …employees bdo is greenhills are not friendly, bdo in my place (pagadian city) mindanao area are not friendly they look down for those client who never wear social dress . Although they are not my bank but i just withdraw in there fake machine ….BDO are shitty bank who corrupt money out from the poor… I suggest ..DO NOT OPEN BDO BANK …..THEY ARE MONSTERS , does anyone knows how we can revenge to this bank? lets boycott all ….

  47. Patrick says:

    Hello, even if the posts are quite old, I will give also an account of my “problems” with this so-called bank 😦

    I am an expat here in Cavite and have had bank accounts at BDO for 2 years now.

    First of all, despite what they said, their online banking is outdated and frustrating : You can’t even transfer money from dollar account to peso account. Now when you know that, going to their MoA branch, they charge around 8 dollars to do so…

    For more than one week now, my Gold Mastercard is systematically declined by all major merchants in USA : Amazon, Paypal, Moneybookers. As I work with these, I begin to run in trouble as bills are outstanded…

    The only answer from their “so-called” customer center is * Ohh sorry Sir, we apologize for the inconvenience…* and that is all you can get…

    On top they try to make you believe that there is maybe a problem with my credit card, when I know that A LOT of other people have the same problem, and my credit is running full loaded…

    Now, that is the end of it, I opened an account with HSBC, wait on my VISA application, and go TODAY to close down all my accounts in this not so funny Big little mean bank.

    Patrick in Cavite

    • Yeah! I had a problem with my ATM and the the manager is trying to make me believe that there is something wrong with my ATM like they got scratches or my account was dormant for 22 months, or I run below minimum balance…I am the account holder I know everything about my own money and I could not have as much as you have so its very easy to monitor…Damn that Banco De Oro they are making me stupid…

  48. Luz says:

    BDO or BDO employees are really making money on their ATM. On Dec. 21, I withdrew 10,000 pesos but the money went back to the machine because I didn’t get it right away (just few seconds). I went inside their office and they told me to call the representative and report it and they just gave me reference number to follow up.

    I sent them an email the other day and they replied that they did not have any overage on their machine and two signed that they verified and count the money. I’m so pissed off at their process. Someone on that specific branch had the 10,000 windfall of money, may they receive KARMA. Yes I believe in KARMA…I don’t trust BDO. Never again…

  49. nick says:


    • kasi they hire not based on academic achievements or katalinuhan ng applicant. they would hire the good looking ones kaya malamang walang alam.

  50. tinz says:

    bad trip ang allied bank nag withdraw ako ng madaling araw kc ala na me pamasahe pauwi galing ako sa gimik nung una nag withdraw ako ng 500 ala lumabas tapos nag withdraw ulit ako ng 100 ala paring lumabas chineck ko balance ko ok pa completo pa edi xempre winidraw ko na lahat ng laman ng atm ko tae sabi transaction complete pero ala na dispense na money e holliday pa man din kinabukasan kaya d ako kaagad nakapag file ng compliant tapos sabi nla 2 weeks daw ang processing ala na me budget!!!!!!!!!!1

  51. jan says:

    nangyari din yan sa akin dito sa Bacolod, it was in the mall na ATM, i withdraw in the first ATM and there was no money dispensed and i checked my balance it was still the same amount, so i transferred in the other atm of BDO, since there were 4 BDO atm inside the mall, when i inserted my card, i stayed in the atm booth for more than 30 seconds, it it was saying that completing transactions, in a while, the machine spit out my card and no money was dispensed, when i look at the dispensing box, the light was read and i can’t open it, since pinilit ko talaga i open yung dispenser. Wala talala, so i hurriedly went to the BDO bank inside the mall and told the lady that i my card was debited without dispensed, she called their call center in Manila and i was asked if how many times i attempted to withdraw, i told them twice but the first attempt there was no any money dispensed and my account was not deducted;however, for the second attempt there was no money dispensed but my account was debited. The guy gave me a reference number and told me to wait for 5 banking days. On Thursday, it would be the fifth day, i would definitely call them once i do not see the money in my account. Nakakaloko, what if that’s the only money i have in my bank.

  52. kazuno says:

    i hope that’ll be easy my payroll goes directly to BDO.. darn that bank, i went to BPI Harrison-Buendia Branch last night to withdraw money from the machine coz i lack 500php, so as soon as i inserted my card the ATM machine went offline so i told myself, i was debited by BPI so i checked the next available bank for my balance i BPI deducted me 500php and w/o any transaction fee or whatsoever, i called their hotline and the lady told me that they’ll investigate on this one.. and tol me it’ll take 15 working days? wtf sbi ko 15 working days.. i told her im also working as a CSR for a card company in the states and it takes 5 days lang pra ibalik nmin ang money sa account ng customer bakit sainyo ang tagal.. hindi cya mkaimik.. and she gave me a reference number, check ko nalang daw from time to time… wala kasi tayong atty. general or better business bureau pra lht ng complaint ma dala dun laban sa mga bank tycoons na toh.. grrrr

  53. Mj says:

    Another victim here! here’s the story..

    i tried to open up a new account in BDO in taytay Rizal this last march 23, after a week, march 29, released na. but they told me its a bit of 24 hrs process para maactive un card! then the following day, i made a transaction in PNB for about 2k, more or less meron pa akong 18K na natitira.. last night i wen to PNB again! just to check my money.. i was really shock, its almost “729.00″ pesos nalang ang pera!! What the hell is going on!!,

    I went to the nearest BDO just to complain about what happened to my personal savings!! binigyan nila ako ng Statement of account na may mga transaction nangyare within
    april 21-23 na ginamit “daw” ung ATM ko with my personal pin and they were keep asking me ” baka ikaw din un sir” WTF! hindi ako magaaksaya ng panahon para magpunta dito kung ako din may gawa nian.. its my personal account! and the point is! its not the money! its the credibility of your management thru security of your clients..

    so meaning to say ginamit ung BDO atm ko at alam ung pin ko! during that day! nasa office ako nagwowork hindi ko alam meron napalang nangyayare na ganun! yan ung hindi nila mai explain sakin pano nangyare yan eh ako lang naman ang nakaka alam ng pin ko! kase personal pin mo iyon at nasakin ang ATM ko.. pano nangyare un? is it possible na clone ung card ko? i guess its an Inside Job!

    nagfile ako ng report and email pero walang response sakin ang na email na yan walang kwenta ung support nila.. until now hindi ko alam pano mababawi ung nawalang pera ng ganun ganun nalang!!

  54. ann says:

    masama talaga loob ko kinontrol ko nalang kasi kawawa man baby ko buntis pa naman ako,, ayoko madamay siya,,hope masolusyonan agad nila ang problema na mga ganito kasi hindi natin alam kailangan ang pera tapos pahihintayin pa ng ilang araw,,hindi ba pwdng masolusyunan agad,,

  55. ann says:

    yes ako rin ,,actually nag withdraw ako 25k tapos dati rati ok man na mag withdraw ako ng 25 k ma dispense man,,,with this incident nakakainis talaga kasi nung palabas na ang pera umungot hindi inilabas ng machine kinain pabalik,,,siguro yung machine nila nag kaproblema,,, tapos nangatwiran ang guard na hindi daw mailabas ang 25 k eh mag withdraw ba ako na hindi ko alam na pwd malabas doon,,kasi lagi ako doon mag withdraw…nakakainis talaga… at nung mag reklamo na ako itinuro lng ang phone at ako ang pinatwag sa customer service ..hahay kakainis

  56. says:

    Sometimes I forgot but mostly I never withdraw the amount I need in one transaction. Example, I need 6k, I make withdrawal of 2k thrice. If ATM failed to dispense the amount but debited already, at least, you will miss your 2k instead of 6k.

  57. bdo hater says:

    experienced the same, and emailed to BSP. but nothing is happening…. 😦 i feel helpless na, can you pls pls advice what i should do now?

    • cris says:

      hi bro ..may i know whats the email address of BSP? Last Dec 2011, we have withdrawn 9700 pesos in BDO but unfortunately the money had not come out from the machine. Contrary to their record it was successfully dispensed..

  58. Update: My money came back after 8 days, I emailed my complaint to Bangko Sentral.

    Bangko Sentral called me to say that they have taken action and have contacted BDO about it. (Hurray BSP!)

    BDO emailed me to ask about my case. I didn’t respond.

    BDO emailed me to say that the money has been returned. Thank you raw. Walang sorry ha.

    Sheesh. I hate BDO.

  59. I went inside the bank a few hours after the incident (kasi mga 6am yun so bumalik ako pag bukas). Sabi ay sorry Ma’am tumawag na lang kayo sa hotline at tinuro ako sa phone! Ang bruha! Hahaha…

    So I pestered them EVERY DAY for 5 days… tapos after ko sinulat ang letter sa post ko, I emailed Bangko Sentral who replied that they will attend to the issue. Thursday, 7pm the bank called ME and said that the money was credited back to my account. Sheesh. Boycott BDO.

  60. hmm so eto pala yun. that’s a lot of moolah. baka hindi rin nila natanggap yung letter mo. ano sabi when you went inside the bank?

    • MiguelReyes111 says:

      This may not be really In-Topic , BUT I also have a very traumatic experience with BDO – as we know they have this LOGO saying WE FIND WAYS!! – convincing and quite inspirational for some – so as for my personal preference I believe and chose them for financing my 2010 FORD EVEREST!!

      – AND THERE came my nightmare when I failed to pay 2 months – they actually told me that I am on my DUE of the payable for the UNIT – THEN they required me to pay the whole amount na WHICH is 1.3M — buddy — its 1.3M – they require me to pay that or HATAK the UNIT – sounds a stupid deal for someone like me which can only afford 25 to 27k monthly – ” KAYA KA NGA NAG-FINANCING EH” – kasi you cannot afford millions di ba?

      – GUYS @ BDO – this is for all of YOU – oo – ANAK KAYO NG DIYOS – you are the richest CORP. in the Philippines now.. PERO never ever dare to say – WE FIND WAYS – IF YOU dont know it by heart – because you are terrorizing SIMPLE and NON-RICH person like me – You damaged SO MUCH your reputation!!

      GOD will have HIS own WAY to make you people REALIZE how much PAIN you are putting into the heart of your victims!!

      HOPE GOD will BLESS you BDO

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