Setting Exposure Compensation for your digital SLR

Ever since I got my digital SLR I’ve been struggling with getting just the right exposure for my pictures. Too often I get photos that are too dull and dark, even opting for Manual mode didn’t do the trick. Here’s a sample shot of my pink piggy, Av mode F1.8 @50mm.

Pink Pig - Exposure Compensatio 0 step

Pink Pig - Exposure Compensation 0 step

One day I got fed up and searched “400D dull colors” on Google. They’re pretty much saying the same thing, try and move the exposure compensation around a bit (this only works for advanced modes like Av and Tv, and not Manual).

Exposure Compensation – Av for example relies on your camera’s meter to adjust which speed setting to use to match the aperture you wanted, saaay F1.8 @50mm. Exposure Compensation tells your camera to adjust its “perfect exposure” one or two steps away from 0, depends on how you set it.

* Gah, where’s my manual? Uy pun not intended. *

For 400D, and most Canon users, you can compensate your exposure by using the +/- button while moving the wheel thing near the shutter button. Voila! You can have your camera take slightly over-exposed or under-exposed photos depending on how much light you want to take in, because sometimes your camera meter does not give you the “perfect” pictures like your standard point n shoot. Here’s a sample pic of the same pig which I’m submitting for Pretty Pink Tuesdays:

Pink Pig - Exposure Compensation +1.3 step

Pink Pig - Exposure Compensation +1.3 step

* Geez I pay so much for a camera and it doesn’t give me perfect pictures? Photos are better from my Sony HSC-2!*

Ehr, that’s why it’s called a professional camera because of it’s versatility. My pic above is NOT perfect but it sure looks better and if I learn how to set my camera correctly, I could probably get a better result. Get to know your equipment a little bit more to get great photos out of it. Read the manual, observe the histogram. 🙂



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