What’s the deal between ABS and GMA?

I mean c’mon people, aren’t you sick of all the hullabaloo on TV? Frankly, I’m very disappointed with the state of free press in our country. People are free to speak what they want but that right comes with a great responsibility, don’t they realize that young kids watching their fantasy shows see their ‘spat’ on TV?

Anyhoo, I’m practicing my right to free speech and I’d like to say that it’s sad how biased ABS’ news reporting has become. Their news ‘angles’ are now so obviously tainted with political affiliations that I’m kinda wondering why they are still thinking that people are not noticing. Compare that with GMA news who, until now, really is showing what unbiased reporting means. Yeah, well it just means one thing I guess, that ABS has sold out.

* rant over *


2 thoughts on “What’s the deal between ABS and GMA?

  1. It’s hard to have such a big media company feed biased information to the masses. Especially since critical thinking haven’t yet permeated the social subconscious.

    Buti na lang nag die down na ng konti ang frenzy about this issue. Get over yourselves people!

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