I H.A.T.E Tuesdays


Tuesday mornings I have to wake up at 5AM. Or at least I try.

Now, why do I have to be up at this ungodly hour attacking the Snooze button on my alarm every ten minutes on the second day of the week?

It’s because my license plate ends in the number 4. Number coding is MMDA’s way of telling you to get off the streets because there are too damn many cars on the road! Hay.

Mr Bayani Fernando. I think you’re cool, man. Nevermind the pink fences because I it’s a pleasing enough color. But if I may, let me share with you my ideas for improving traffic in Metro Manila (as a 5-year veteran EDSA driver Ü )

Top 5 vehicles that should be REMOVED from the streets (Actually this is another name for my 5 most HATED traffic blockers list):

  1. BUSES!!!!!!!!!! Can I say that again BUSSSEEEEESSSSSS!!!! * pant pant pant * eyes glazing * nerves popping * – I must admit I am not a bus rider but as a regular commuter these death-machines are a PAIN!!! It’s just that there’s too many of these monolithic transporters that they are crammed on the two-lanes designated for buses. Worse is when they swerve out of the bus lane and into the lanes supposedly for private vehicles, then everybody is forced to STOP. I could go on and on and on and on… but Oh.. my.. gosh.. if only I could wish these lawless public vehicles away. Mr Fernando, I really really really wish something could be done about them. * Day dream mode * Imagine a Philippines with a state-operated bus route.
  2. Jeepneys. Jeepneys are actually much better than buses but nevertheless some areas of EDSA are part of their routes, especially the U-turn slots where the jeeps would swerve from the right most lane to the left to take the U-turn. They are also amazingly gutsy because they try to squeeze their way into your lane by nosing in their rusty  fenders to try and get you to let them in. I’m a certified jeep commuter so I see how these guys operate, some of them causing traffic because passengers are getting on and off at odd locations on busy streets. Admittedly though, jeepney drivers are slightly more courteous than bus drivers because I guess their vehicles are not as big, and giving way actually gives them an excuse to stop in the middle of the street to let passengers on or off. Wa-is ah.
  3.  Tricycles – I live in Pag-Asa QC where there are SO MANY tricyles that you’d see hundreds of them lined up at a tricycle stop. The sheer number of them is overwhelming, especially since their driving is as bad as bus drivers. They’re also kinda slow? Although I see a lot of them na humaharurot on main thoroughfares. Tsk tsk tsk. I thought they’re not supposed to get on the main roads?
  4. Painters – I’m all for road improvement but man oh man, why do I have to see painters almost everyday? It’s not only the hassle of trying to avoid them but really, how often do we need a new paintjob? Well with the pollution on EDSA I guess everyday.
  5. Pedestrians – I’m not sure if these guys have a death wish but I always see people clutching bags to their chests and running for their lives to cross EDSA (cars moving at freeway speed). I once saw a guy carrying a huge heavy box on his head holding out one arm as if to magically stop your speeding car from turning himinto road kill. Hmnn. Then there was a lady pulling her child behind her as they try to dodge cars and buses heading towards them. Dudes, it’s kinda dangerous you know.

Hay. Traffic really is part of busy Manila life. My parents would ask me how I could stand it but I guess it’s as much a living entity as I am. Acknowledging the fact that it exists and that there are ways to overcome it, is the best way to live with it without losing your mind.


4 thoughts on “I H.A.T.E Tuesdays

  1. While I hardly disagree with your top five, I have to add the “hawkers” that populate every intersection that creates a stop in traffic.

    Be it a red light, stop sign or just heavy traffic your vehicle in inundated with people selling everything under the sun.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat at a green light waiting for the car ahead to complete their purchase of the latest junk.

  2. wag na lang tayo magkaroon ng state-owned bus companies. magkaroon na lang ng privately owned bus companies and taxis sa singapore para pantay pantay lang. mwehehehe.

  3. Honga! Mas madami na talagang motorbikes ngayon. Hayayayayyy… At ang lakas ng loob nila humaharurot na rin parang race cars. No wonder you see a lot of motorbike accidents on the news, especially bikes skidding and getting trapped under cars and trucks/buses.

    Broom broom, the fast track to the afterlife.

  4. noee626 says:

    sama mo those scooters and motorcyles on major roads where they’re not supposed to be in tapos wala pang helmet yung driver tapos they occupy a whole lane pero ang bagal naman nila so lahat ng nasa likod can only go as fast as they’re going tapos nakikita mo yung mga cars sa lanes sa gilid na nasa harap nila keep overtaking the motorcycles pero ikaw hindi ka makasingit sa gilid na lane. argh.

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