Birthday Wishlist

It’s that time of the year when I am allowed to shamelessly announce that my birthday is coming up and I am due the following items from people who love me (or from people who I think love me):

  1. a CRUMPLER camera bag for my 400D. A red one would be nice. 🙂


  2. a 50mm Prime Lens, 1.8f. I just love this lens, and it’s the cheapest too at 4k!
  3. 50mmprime.jpg

  4. iPod Nano 3rd generation BLACK. I like the new widescreen iPods, uber cute. 



  5. Crocs sandals. I love these new crocs. I hear they’re very comfortable too.
  6. crocs.jpg

  7. Nokia 6300. Slim, easy to use, affordable!
  8. nokia6300.jpg

  9. Roxy Watch. I am DIE of happiness!!! WAAAHHH!!! I love these replaceable strap watches. Sniff…


OK, OK, after that last one I don’t think I can go on any further. *Hikbi* Someday (after years of saving up and/or marrying rich) all of these will be mine and I will no longer be sad.

Honestly, a “Happy Birthday” from my friends and family will do. (If you get me the watch, I’ll pledge all my future children to you)

Happy Birthday, me!!! 🙂


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