How to save money when you’re b-r-o-k-e


It seems that when you’re single without any mouths to feed except your own, all your money goes to:

  1. GASOLINE (and parking fees!!!) With all the traffic on EDSA every morning you wonder why people keep driving gasoline-thirsty cars. With prices now of about P42/liter OR $3.50/Gallon, can I say OUCH?!?! Based on my experience in the US, the cost of one full-tank of gas is equivalent to about 3 hours work minimum wage (full tank is about $30). Here in the Phils, for one full tank of gas you have to work about 3 DAYS!!!! It makes me want to cry for all of us kaskaseros and kaskaseras.
    • How to save M-O-N-E-Y tip: Try taking the MRT to work, or how about the original kings of the road, carbon monoxide-making-machines, the jeepneys!
  2. Food. I have to admit, food IS cheaper in ‘Pinas. But man oh man, I love mah bacon! Hahaha, at 100 bucks per roll (yes, bacon here is packaged in ROLLS) that’s about P50 per breakfast if you eat half of it, about 1 hours worth of work. 🙂 Hmnn… have to work an hour to eat bacon.. hmnn…
    • How to save M-O-N-E-Y tip: Try eating TUYO.. for about P30 you can buy 8-9 of these stinky little fishies so popular with Pinoys. They are so salty and tasty that you can eat one fish with a whole cup of rice. Talk about tipid. I laaabit! (But I love my bacooon mooorre… huhu)
  3. GIMIKs. OK watching movies and eating out is really an uneccesary expense but hey it’s good to treat yourself once in a while right? Let’s look at the numbers: 1 movie ticket = P150 bucks = 1.5 hours of work, dinner out = P200 = 3 hours of work. HMN… so for the whole shebang, a dinner AND a movie I have to work HALF a DAY. Sucks to be me.. and poor. Hahahahha!!!
    • How to save M-O-N-E-Y tip: Make a home-cooked meal and watch a DVD with your lover dovers. Get your ingredients at the grocery and borrow movies from friends. He he. Now that’s a CHEAP date. But hey it’s also nice to go and eat out every once in a while, get dressed and look and smell nice, and let everybody know it.
  4. GADGETs, Clothes, and my new Havaianas. If you’re a tech freak or feeling kikay like me and my friends you’d go gaga over the latest digital SLR or iPod or Crumpler bag or maybe that new glorified TSINELAS they call Havaianas. It’s SO TEMPTING to take out that worn out plastic ATM or credit card and swipey swipey to your heart’s content.
    • How to save M-O-N-E-Y tip: Resist the temptation my child and promise yourself only one goodie per two months. Also, consider the number of hours you have to work to get that thing you want. Example: 80GB iPod = 3 WEEKS work. (You know in the US you’d only have to work about 3 days for it). Oh yeah, and read up on blog entries on How to save M-O-N-E-Y tips from a person who is truly trying to scrape whatever moolah she has left.
  5. BILLS BILLS BILLS. Maybe the only thing worth spending money on, really are the necessities: a roof over your head, food, electricity, cellphone load and water. Well I guess it’s really expensive to live alone and having to pay for everything. Hay, the cost of indepence (kuno).
    • How to save M-O-N-E-Y tip: GET MARRIED! You’ll be taxed less and you’d have somebody to share the bills with. Even better if he’s loaded then you’ll just have more money to buy yourself Havaianas and Crocs. Weehee. Or if you don’t have a prospect yet, just move back in with your parents. “Inday!! Make pindot pindot naman the TV Remote o, I’m pagod na e.”

P.S. Chat transcript with my beautiful Mama:

gemma singson: whats this blog
gemma singson: daw indi ko kapati nga ikaw na (I can’t believe this is you)
Gena: hindi ka ka pati nga what?
gemma singson: nga ga hatag ka tip on saving money (That you’re giving money tips)
gemma singson: joke mo lang ina (Is this a joke?)


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